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Locomotive Engineers

Unfair Labor Practice Charges: 8(a)(2) Assistance

Case NumberCase NameAllegation
01-CA-044259Coleman Cable, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
01-CA-096159RELIABLE TEMPS, INC.8(a)(2) Assistance
02-CA-091564YONKERS RACEWAY EMPIRE CASINO8(a)(2) Assistance
05-CA-035469Wings Enterprises, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
07-CA-050269Wackenhut Nuclear Services, a Division of the Wackenhut Corporation8(a)(2) Assistance
07-CA-089963United States Postal Service8(a)(2) Assistance
08-CA-037088Time Warner Cable8(a)(2) Assistance
09-CA-042059KEEBLER COMPANY8(a)(2) Assistance
09-CA-068401ABLE MEDICAL TRANSPORT8(a)(2) Assistance
15-CA-017933The Folgers Coffee Company8(a)(2) Assistance
15-CA-019044Armstrong World Industries8(a)(2) Assistance
16-CA-025205Sheet Metal Workers Union, Local 54, and Its Agent, Houston Area Sheet Metal JATC8(a)(2) Assistance
19-CA-030640Sound Oil Company8(a)(2) Assistance
19-CA-033206Estenson Logistics, LLC8(a)(2) Assistance
19-CA-083657Northshore Sheet Metal, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
19-CA-088465Northshore Sheet Metal, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
19-CA-090856Northshore Sheet Metal, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
19-CA-151323Vigor Industrial LLC8(a)(2) Assistance
19-CA-151324Vigor Industrial, LLC8(a)(2) Assistance
20-CA-033644Able Building Maintenance Co.8(a)(2) Assistance
20-CA-033972Capitol City Tile, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
21-CA-039893ABLE Building Maintenance 8(a)(2) Assistance
25-CA-031587RIS Paper & Packaging, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
26-CA-023933DCT, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
27-CA-021069Affordable Fire Protection8(a)(2) Assistance
28-CA-022399Time Warner Entertainment-Advance/Newhouse Partnership d/b/a Time Warner through its Southwest Divis8(a)(2) Assistance
29-CA-029150Wild Edibles Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
29-CA-029183Southampton Hospital8(a)(2) Assistance
29-CA-029267Carmal Richmond Health & Rehabilitation Center8(a)(2) Assistance
29-CA-029403Wild Edibles Inc8(a)(2) Assistance
31-CA-105045Los Robles Medical Center and HCA Holdings, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
31-CA-105049Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center and HCA Holdings, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
31-CA-105084Los Robles Medical Center and HCA Holdings, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
31-CA-1060121) Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center; and 2) HCA Holdings, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
31-CA-1074681) Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center; and 2) HCA Holdings, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
32-CA-021977Pacific Crane Maintenance Co., LLC and/or its alter ego, Pacific Crane Maintenance Company, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance