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Unfair Labor Practice Charges: 8(a)(2) Assistance

Case NumberCase NameAllegation
01-CA-043938Robert L. McCarthy & Son, Inc., a/k/a Atlantic Express8(a)(2) Assistance
01-CA-044001Robert L. McCarthy a//k/a Atlantic Express8(a)(2) Assistance
02-CA-037909Don Thomas Buses, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
02-CA-038739Greyhound Bus Lines, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
06-CA-167446Peoples Natural Gas and Peoples Service Company, LLC, a single and/or joint employer8(a)(2) Assistance
08-CA-103701Orwell Natural Gas8(a)(2) Assistance
08-CA-166305Dominion East Ohio Gas8(a)(2) Assistance
10-CA-037130Wayne Farms - Decatur East8(a)(2) Assistance
19-CA-093448First Student, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
20-CA-034709MV Transportation8(a)(2) Assistance
20-CA-034710MV Transportation8(a)(2) Assistance
20-CA-034712MV Transportation8(a)(2) Assistance
21-CA-038897Veolia Transportation Services, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
26-CA-022992Davidson Transit Organization8(a)(2) Assistance
27-CA-020967Jefferson Lines8(a)(2) Assistance
27-CA-021030Powder River Transportation Services8(a)(2) Assistance
27-CA-021087Powder River Transportation Services8(a)(2) Assistance
28-CA-020197ATC, LLC d/b/a ATC of Nevada8(a)(2) Assistance
29-CA-029530MV Public Transportation8(a)(2) Assistance
29-CA-029544Mv Public Transportation Inc MV Transportation Inc MV Transit Inc8(a)(2) Assistance
29-CA-089222Reliant Transportation, Inc. and MV Transportation, Inc.8(a)(2) Assistance
29-CA-141795Quality Transportation Corp.8(a)(2) Assistance
32-CA-175013Sensient Natural Ingredients, LLC8(a)(2) Assistance
32-CA-179221Sensient Natural Ingredients, LLC8(a)(2) Assistance