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Unfair Labor Practice Charges: 8(a)(5) Alter Ego

Case NumberCase NameAllegation
04-CA-032867Alexander Painting, Inc./Silver Palette Painting, Inc.8(a)(5) Alter Ego
04-CA-032868Alexander Painting, Inc./Silver Palette Painting, Inc.8(a)(5) Alter Ego
04-CA-032869Alexander Painting Inc./Silver Palette Painting Inc.8(a)(5) Alter Ego
04-CA-032870Alexander Painting Inc./Silver Palette Painting Inc.8(a)(5) Alter Ego
06-CA-033771Frans Joseph, Inc. and De Colores, Inc., alter egos8(a)(5) Alter Ego
06-CA-036647Gloria J. Verno d/b/a Joe's Painting and Its Alter Ego Joe's Painting, Inc.; T & M Painting, Inc., A Corporation Charged with Derivative Liability; Joseph P. Verno, An Individual Charged with Personal Liability8(a)(5) Alter Ego
06-CA-063392Iron City Contracting8(a)(5) Alter Ego
07-CA-047564Paint America Services, Inc.8(a)(5) Alter Ego
07-CA-051997Seven Brothers Coating, LLC. Seven Brothers Painting, Inc.8(a)(5) Alter Ego
08-CA-062852Express Painting Corp./Modern Concepts Painting, LLC8(a)(5) Alter Ego
08-CA-079164Dentz Painting, Inc.8(a)(5) Alter Ego
08-CA-083055Dentz Painting, Inc. and Global Contracting Services8(a)(5) Alter Ego
08-CA-091262The Marleigh Group, d/b/a Allied Lighting Services and Evolution Lighting Group, d/b/a YESCO, a single employer, single integrated enterprise and alter ego8(a)(5) Alter Ego
08-CA-171449Glass Fabricators, Inc. and Glass and Metal Solutions Inc., a single employer, and/or Alter Ego8(a)(5) Alter Ego
14-CA-100821St. Louis Drywall, LLC8(a)(5) Alter Ego
18-CA-019324Marshall Painting8(a)(5) Alter Ego
19-CA-031299Borders Painting and Wallcovering, LLC (and its alter ego Dublin Painting LLC)8(a)(5) Alter Ego
19-CA-032055Western Industrial Inc. and its alter ego, Applicators Tools Equipment, Inc.8(a)(5) Alter Ego
19-CA-118519CRJ Construction Co./Certified Applicators LLC8(a)(5) Alter Ego
25-CA-062250Brown's Painting and Decorating and its alter ego Competitive Painting, LLC8(a)(5) Alter Ego
28-CA-095831Seabay MB LLC/MW Construction LLC8(a)(5) Alter Ego
30-CA-018943Patriot Glass, LLC/Cooper Glass8(a)(5) Alter Ego
30-CA-099887Noyce Painting & Decorating, LLC / Noyce Paint, Paper & Design LLC8(a)(5) Alter Ego
32-CA-073321Simas Floor Co., and J.E. Simas Floors8(a)(5) Alter Ego
32-CA-134903International Aluminum Corporation d/b/a International Window Company - Northern California and YD WINDOW, INC., as alter-egos and/or single employers8(a)(5) Alter Ego