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Spending Detail: Contributions Gifts Grants

RecipientPurposeTotal Amount
LOS ANGELES ALLIANCE FOR A NEWLabor Related Org Charity$249,584
ALIGN: THE ALLIANCE FOR ALabor Related Org Charity$138,636
US POSTMASTERPostage & Delivery Service$48,690
ROOSEVELT INSTITUTECivic Betterment Nonprofit$27,500
TMSTRS LU 769Disaster Relief Assistance$25,000
NATIONAL EMPLOYMENT LAW PROJ.Civic Betterment Nonprofit$25,000
CAPITAL & MAINLabor Related Org Charity$25,000
JC 42 CHARITYLabor Related Org Charity$21,000
AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNIONCivic Betterment Nonprofit$20,000
GOOD JOBS FIRSTLabor Related Org Charity$20,000
INT'L LABOR RIGHTS FORUMLabor Related Org Charity$20,000
ALLIANCE FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE-USASCivic Betterment Nonprofit$20,000
TMSTRS LU 957Disaster Relief Assistance$15,000
LABOR COMMUNITY SERVICESLabor Related Org Charity$15,000
TEAMSTERS NAT'L BLACK CAUCUSLabor Related Org Charity$15,000
NOVAK FRANCELLA, LLCAccounting Firm$12,727
TMSTRS LU 554Disaster Relief Assistance$12,000
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITYCollege Research Program$10,500
JEWISH LABOR COMMITTEELabor Related Org Charity$10,200
THE LBJ FOUNDATIONCivic Betterment Nonprofit$10,000
THE AMERICAN PROJECTCivic Betterment Nonprofit$10,000
THE PEGGY BROWNING FUNDLabor Related Org Charity$10,000
ATWOOD CENTERCivic Betterment Nonprofit$10,000
NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CLUBCivic Betterment Nonprofit$10,000
NAT'L TMSTRS HISPANIC CAUCUSLabor Related Org Charity$10,000
PENSION RIGHTS CENTERCivic Betterment Nonprofit$7,500
TEAMSTERS CANADA FOUNDATIONLabor Related Org Charity$7,498
AEROSPACE MAINTENANCE COUNCILCivic Betterment Nonprofit$6,000
MILLIONS OF GREAT AMERICANSCivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,916
ITUC-CSILabor Related Org Charity$5,713
UFCW CHARITY FOUNDATIONLabor Related Org Charity$5,000
UCLA DOWNTOWN LABOR CENTERLabor Related Org Charity$5,000
UNITED FARM WORKERS OF AMERICALabor Related Org Charity$5,000
COMMUNITY CHANGECivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
CCF COMMUNITY INITIATIVES FUNDCivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
WASHINGTON IRELAND PROGRAMCivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
CHILDREN'S HOME SOCIETY OF WVCivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
NOVA LABOR FEDERATIONLabor Related Org Charity$5,000
ARISE CHICAGOCivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
THE LADIES OF PIPELINERSLabor Related Org Charity$5,000
EQUAL JUSTICE INITIATIVECommunity Legal Services$5,000
COMMUNITY CONCERNS, INC.Civic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
TMSTRS LU 577Disaster Relief Assistance$5,000
PUBLIC CITIZENS GLOBAL TRADECivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
DEMOSLabor Related Org Charity$5,000
FOOD CHAIN WORKER ALLIANCELabor Related Org Charity$5,000
GREATER NEW YORK COUNCILSYouth Educational Nonprofit$5,000
LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE ONCivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
THE AMERICAN ANTITRUST INSTITUTECivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
THE AMERICAN IRELAND FUNDCivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONCivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
OLD NEWSBOYS' GOODFELLOWCivic Betterment Charity$5,000
LCLAACivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
THE WAYNE COUNTY SHERIFFLabor Related Org Charity$5,000
TMSTRS LU 299Labor Community Service$5,000
DAVIS STREETCivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000
YATOOMA'S FOUNDATIONCivic Betterment Nonprofit$5,000