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Spending Detail: Representational Activities

RecipientPurposeTotal Amount
Bredhoff & KaiserLegal counsel$314,291
Phillip H. PotterLegal Counsel$125,780
S Rosenthal & CoPrinting Co$97,849
U.S Postmaster-CincinnatiPostmaster$82,440
Kathleen HostellerLegal Counsel$74,829
Southwest AirlinesAirline$52,638
Northwest AirlinesAirline$50,851
Spear, Welderman, Borish, EndyLegal counsel$50,480
Cohen,Weiss and SimonLegal counsel$50,179
Blitman and KingLegal Counsel$42,374
Local Union 0500995Local Union$39,183
Local 8-0369Local Union$37,927
Jonathan S.R.BealLegal Counsel$36,249
Joyce Murphy BrooksLegal Counsel$34,199
Mark BrooksLegal counsel$27,468
Local Union 0200286Local Union$27,063
Local union 5-214Local Union$25,650
PACE Industry Benefits FundsBenefits administration$24,156
Richard AbrahamLegal Counsel$23,861
Kircher,Robinson, and WelchLegal Counsel$22,212
Weinberg, Roger, & RosenfeldLegal counsel$20,346
Local Union 0100300Local union$19,130
Godwin, Morris, LaurenziLegal Counsel$16,879
Lavey and BurnetteLegal Counsel$14,530
ULTEAAuto Repair Co$13,968
LernersBarristers and Solicitors$13,519
Previant, Goldberg, UelmanLegal Counsel$13,478
Robein, Urann & LuryeLegal counsel$13,421
Delta AirlinesAirline$12,545
Reaud, Morgan, & Quinn,LLPLegal Counsel$12,500
Borowitz and GoldsmithLegal counsel$12,013
Carrie JordanSpouse of employee$10,228
Brown and BrukeLegal counsel$10,215
Markowitz & RichmanLegal counsel$10,120
Lake ConsultingActuarial Services$9,925
Nakamura, Quinn & Walls,LLPLegal Counsel$9,137
May Transfer & StorageMoving Company$8,669
Quality innsHotel$8,547
Law office of Diane KhielLegal Counsel$8,040
Shneidman, Hawks, and Ehilke, S.C.Legal counsel$7,494
Delaware Outdoor advertisingOutdoor advertising$7,228
R.J Roberts ADR ServicesLegal counsel$6,710
Punter Southall & Co. LLCLegal counsel$6,667
Holiday InnHotel$6,258
Frasier, Frasier, and HickmanLegal Counsel$6,064
David ElbaorLegal counsel$6,000
James L. HicksLegal counsel$5,613
Local 7-662Local Union$5,410
Holiday Inns SelectHotel$5,407
Brick auto BodyAuto repair shop$5,192
ADP Investor Communication ServicesInvestor Services$5,140