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Spending Detail: Political Activities Lobbying

RecipientPurposeTotal Amount
For Our Future PACPolitical Action Committee$1,250,000
For Our Future Action FundIssue Advocacy Organization$1,250,000
Stop the Republican Recall of Governor NewsomPolitical Organization$1,000,000
Democratic Legislative Campaign CommitteePolitical Organization$750,000
Terry for Virginia/Virginians for Common GoodPolitical Campaign Committee$600,000
IQM CorporationMedia Production Services$535,078
Home Means Nevada PACPolitical Action Committee$500,000
State Victory ActionPolitical Organization$500,000
Building Back TogetherIssue Advocacy Organization$500,000
House Majority PACPolitical Action Committee$500,000
AFSCME OAPSE Local 4AFSCME Affiliate$450,000
The Campaign WorkshopAdvertising & Media Company$444,085
ProgressNowIssue Advocacy Organization$350,000
Workers Vote - UNITE HERE PACPolitical Action Committee$300,000
America VotesIssue Advocacy Organization$260,000
Senate Majority PACPolitical Action Committee$250,000
Catalist, LLCResearch and Information Svcs$235,257
Ballot Initiative Strategy CenterIssue Advocacy Organization$230,000
AtWork Franchise, Inc.Temporary Staffing Company$188,304
Curtis Hougland/Main Street OneConsultant$187,200
Deliver Strategies, LLCMail Fullfillment House$186,193
Resonance Campaigns LLCMarketing & Advertising Services$181,875
Energized for Change PACPolitical Action Committee$180,000
AFSCME Iowa Council 61AFSCME Affiliate$151,200
Democratic Attorneys General AssociationPolitical Organization$150,000
Ohio Progressive CollaborativeIssue Advocacy Organization$133,750
Labor Strong 2021Political Campaign Committee$125,000
AFL-CIO Secretary TreasurerLabor Organization$125,000
BallotReady, IncConsultant$117,166
VoxcoSoftware Developer$110,000
Progressive Caucus Action FundIssue Advocacy Organization$100,000
National Democratic Redistricting CommitteePolitical Organization$100,000
State Innovation ExchangeTax-Exempt Organization$100,000
Morehouse CollegeUniversity/College$100,000
AFSCME Michigan Council 25AFSCME Affiliate$100,000
Vote Yes for Workers' RightsPolitical Campaign Committee$100,000
Evolution StrategiesSurvey/Polling Firm$86,070
Friends of Charniele HerringPolitical Campaign Committee$80,000
HustleMedia Company$79,500
Ohio Democratic Party-State Campaign AccountPolitical Organization$75,000
Voto Latino Inc.Political Campaign Committee$75,000
The New Georgia Project Action Fund, IncPolitical Organization$75,000
Democracy AllianceIssue Advocacy Organization$75,000
Build Back 'Burque MFCPolitical Campaign Committee$75,000
GOOGLE ADWORDSAdvertising & Media Company$73,163
Trister, Ross, Schadler & Gold, PLLCLegal Counsel$72,023
Living United for Change in ArizonaIssue Advocacy Organization$65,000
Colorado AFL-CIOLabor Union$51,667
Maurice ThevenouxLandlord/Property Manager$50,109
Texas Future CooperativePolitical Organization$50,000
National Democratic Training CommitteePolitical Action Committee$50,000
New Leaders CouncilPolitical Campaign Committee$50,000
A Better Wisconsin TogetherIssue Advocacy Organization$50,000
Friends of Don Harmon for State SenatePolitical Campaign Committee$50,000
Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign CommitteePolitical Action Committee$50,000
Elizabeth Guzman for VirginiaPolitical Campaign Committee$50,000
Badger State Research, Inc.Issue Advocacy Organization$50,000
Fair Elections CenterIssue Advocacy Organization$50,000
Dogtowne Consulting, LLCConsultant$49,600
Broadband Dynamics LLCTelecommunications Company$46,573
HILTON - WASHINGTON DCHotel / Lodging$41,855
People for EmanuelPolitical Campaign Committee$40,015
Capital & MainIssue Advocacy Organization$40,000
Democratic Municipal OfficialsPolitical Organization$35,000
National Democratic County OfficialsPolitical Organization$35,000
Fiscal Policy InstituteTax-Exempt Organization$35,000
Conservatives for a Better FloridaPolitical Action Committee$35,000
DiNapoli 2022Political Campaign Committee$34,700
Caitlin VegaConsultant$33,000
Spanish Broadcasting System, IncTelecommunications Company$32,000
AFSCME Pennsylvania Council 33AFSCME Affiliate$31,650
AFSCME Texas Organizing CouncilAFSCME Affiliate$30,000
Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy CommitteePolitical Organization$30,000
Virginia House Democratic Caucus dba Virginia HousPolitical Organization$30,000
Emerge AmericaPolitical Organization$30,000
Texas House Democratic CaucusPolitical Organization$25,000
Citizens for Suzanne NessPolitical Campaign Committee$25,000
Friends of Dave VellaPolitical Campaign Committee$25,000
Senator Patrick Joyce Election CommitteePolitical Campaign Committee$25,000
Friends of Janet Yang RohrPolitical Campaign Committee$25,000
Friends of Maura HirschauerPolitical Campaign Committee$25,000
New Yorkers For Fiscal FairnessIssue Advocacy Organization$25,000
Equity PAC d/b/a No Way On A CampaignPolitical Action Committee$25,000
Austinites for EquityPolitical Action Committee$25,000
Friends of Doris TurnerPolitical Campaign Committee$25,000
Friends of Katie StuartPolitical Campaign Committee$25,000
Friends of Mike HalpinPolitical Campaign Committee$25,000
Ellman for IL Senate D21Political Campaign Committee$25,000
Democratic Association of Secretaries of StatePolitical Organization$25,000
Democratic Lieutenant Governors AssociationPolitical Organization$25,000
Alliance for a Better IowaPolitical Campaign Committee$25,000
Keep Cincinnati SafeIssue Advocacy Organization$25,000
National Conference of Democratic MayorsIssue Advocacy Organization$25,000
Citizens for Mark WalkerPolitical Campaign Committee$25,000
Friends of Michelle MussmanPolitical Campaign Committee$25,000
HOME2 SUITES - LOS ANGELESHotel / Lodging$24,416
Trendency ResearchConsulting$24,000
Texas AFL-CIOLabor Organization$23,250
Hala for VirginiaPolitical Campaign Committee$20,000
Florida Democratic Legislative Campaign CommitteePolitical Action Committee$20,000
ProgressNow ColoradoIssue Advocacy Organization$20,000
Virginians for Mark HerringPolitical Campaign Committee$20,000
Shirley Weber for Secretary of State 2022Political Campaign Committee$16,200
Re-Elect Tony Thurmond for SuperintendentPolitical Campaign Committee$16,200
HOMEWOOD SUITES - PLEASANTHotel / Lodging$15,905
Run for Something PACPolitical Action Committee$15,000
Jobs for FloridaPolitical Action Committee$15,000
Organizing Empowerment FUNDPolitical Campaign Committee$15,000
Honest LeadershipPolitical Campaign Committee$15,000
Progressive Change Campaign CommitteeIssue Advocacy Organization$15,000
NEO Philanthoropy Action Fund, IncPolitical Campaign Committee$15,000
Rip Sullivan for DelegatePolitical Campaign Committee$15,000
Opportunity City PACPolitical Action Committee$15,000
Congressional Black Caucus InstituteIssue Advocacy Organization$15,000
The Pivot Group, IncPrinting Company$12,996
Citizens for Laura M MurphyPolitical Campaign Committee$12,500
Contact Center Compliance CorporationTelecommunications Company$11,644
Gain PowerAudio-Video Services Company$10,250
Friends of Ed Hooper PCPolitical Campaign Committee$10,000
Florida Democratic PartyPolitical Campaign Committee$10,000
New Opportunity FloridaPolitical Action Committee$10,000
Advancement ProjectIssue Advocacy Organization$10,000
Vital EnterprisesPolitical Campaign Committee$10,000
Florida Conservatives UnitedPolitical Action Committee$10,000
Lopez for DelegatePolitical Campaign Committee$10,000
Rudy Salas for Assembly 2022Political Campaign Committee$9,700
Rendon for Assembly 2022Political Campaign Committee$9,700
David Miller for CalPERS Board 2021Political Campaign Committee$9,700
Anna Caballero for Senate 2022Political Campaign Committee$9,700
Maria Elena Durazo Democrat for StatePolitical Campaign Committee$9,700
Maienschein for Assembly 2022Political Campaign Committee$9,700
Doyle Printing & Offset CoPrinting Company$8,634
BIERGARTEN HAUSHotel / Lodging$8,237
HOMEWOOD SUITES - ANAHEIMHotel / Lodging$8,020
Democratic Data Exchange IncPolitical Campaign Committee$7,950
AFSCME Wisconsin Council 32AFSCME Affiliate$7,848
Brown for BuffaloPolitical Campaign Committee$7,798
Better Lives for FloridiansPolitical Action Committee$7,500
Fighting for Florida FamiliesPolitical Action Committee$7,500
The Latino Legislative Caucus FoundationTax-Exempt Organization$7,500
Friends of James SkoufisPolitical Campaign Committee$7,500
Conservative FloridaPolitical Action Committee$7,500
Sean Ryan For SenatePolitical Campaign Committee$7,500
Andrew for New YorkPolitical Campaign Committee$7,500
Leadership for Miami-DadePolitical Action Committee$7,500
Women in Power PACPolitical Action Committee$7,500
Panhandle ProsperityPolitical Action Committee$7,500
California Legislative Black CaucusPolitical Organization$7,500
LGBT Caucus Leadership FundPolitical Campaign Committee$7,500
Living Life With A PurposePolitical Campaign Committee$7,500
The Bronx Free Press, LLCAdvertising & Media Company$7,000
Election Fund of Craig Coughlin for AssemblyPolitical Campaign Committee$7,000
Citizens for Gregory HarrisPolitical Campaign Committee$6,665
Friends of ManleyPolitical Campaign Committee$6,665
Zalewki for State RepresentativePolitical Campaign Committee$6,665
Friends of Mike GianarisPolitical Campaign Committee$6,500
Florida Council 79AFSCME Affiliate$5,740
Fuerte Arts MovementIssue Advocacy Organization$5,000
The Economic Freedom CommitteePolitical Action Committee$5,000
Public CitizenIssue Advocacy Organization$5,000
Friends of Alex AskewPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Americans For Democratic ActionIssue Advocacy Organization$5,000
Sunshine State ConservativesPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Kimberly ScottPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Eric Adams 2021 Transition andPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
The Right Future for FloridaPolitical Action Committee$5,000
Friends of Colleen BurtonPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Monroe County Democratic CommitteePolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Neighbors for Justin BibbPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
People Above PoliticsPolitical Action Committee$5,000
Guy for DelegatePolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Rodney Willet for DelegatePolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Together We StandPolitical Action Committee$5,000
Friends of Luke TorianPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Democratic Party of VirginiaPolitical Organization$5,000
California Tax Reform AssociationPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Delaware Senate Majority Caucus Campaign CommitteePolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Arizona Coalition for ChangePolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Arizona WinsIssue Advocacy Organization$5,000
Building the Bay PCPolitical Action Committee$5,000
Committee to Elect Malik EvansPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Elect Elizabeth Bennett-ParkerPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
J. Ward for DelegatePolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Friends of Wendy GooditisPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Friends of Patrick HopePolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Mugler for DelegatePolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Buchanan for FloridaPolitical Action Committee$5,000
Chris Hurst for DelegatePolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Friends of Carl HeastiePolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Better Florida EducationPolitical Action Committee$5,000
Advocate for Florida Families IncPolitical Action Committee$5,000
Building your DreamsPolitical Action Committee$5,000
A Bolder FloridaPolitical Action Committee$5,000
Advancing Florida AgriculturePolitical Action Committee$5,000
Helmer for VirginiaPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Florida Farmers and Ranchers UnitedPolitical Action Committee$5,000
Floridians UnitedPolitical Action Committee$5,000
Friends of Andrea Stewart-CousinsPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
Latimer for WestchesterPolitical Campaign Committee$5,000
HOME2 SUITES - SAN ANTONIOHotel / Lodging$2,400