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Air Line Pilots

Receipts for: Federal Express

  • Type: Air Transportation - Scheduled
  • Location: 3620 HACK CROSS ROAD BLD B
    MEMPHIS, TN 38125
  • Total Received from Air Line Pilots: $2,524,996.00

Itemized Disbursements

The Department of Labor requires unions to itemize any payment over $5,000.

January 20th, 2021Board Of Directors$14,032
January 20th, 2021Board Of Directors$5,117
January 20th, 2021Board Of Directors$5,248
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$7,069
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$7,069
January 20th, 2021MEC Chairman$38,105
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$7,949
January 20th, 2021Board Of Directors$7,721
January 20th, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$37,931
January 20th, 2021Cargo Committee$9,295
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$19,701
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$10,286
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$6,435
January 20th, 2021Board Of Directors$34,107
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$6,890
January 20th, 2021Board Of Directors$30,170
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$7,721
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$6,890
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$12,299
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$11,699
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$26,655
January 20th, 2021Board Of Directors$8,747
January 20th, 2021Board Of Directors$6,890
January 20th, 2021Board Of Directors$15,618
January 20th, 2021MEC Meetings$6,993
January 20th, 2021Board Of Directors$6,720
January 20th, 2021Exec Administrator - General$37,139
January 20th, 2021Board Of Directors$22,329
February 17th, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$6,623
February 17th, 2021MEC Chairman$39,197
February 17th, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$39,025
February 17th, 2021Exec Administrator - General$38,254
March 31st, 2021MEC Chairman$39,197
March 31st, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$39,025
March 31st, 2021Exec Administrator - General$38,254
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$7,077
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$11,999
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$9,340
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$7,547
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$14,120
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$7,104
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$18,916
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$16,847
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$12,093
April 7th, 2021Executive Council$8,056
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$6,979
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$29,788
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$7,045
April 7th, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$22,959
April 7th, 2021Exec Administrator - General$15,302
April 7th, 2021MEC Chairman$7,064
April 7th, 2021MEC Meetings$11,818
June 16th, 2021MEC Meetings$8,107
June 16th, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$6,182
June 16th, 2021MEC Chairman$39,197
June 16th, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$34,435
June 16th, 2021Exec Administrator - General$38,254
June 23rd, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$5,795
June 23rd, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$5,795
June 23rd, 2021MEC Chairman$39,197
June 23rd, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$39,025
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$9,975
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$5,509
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$8,644
June 23rd, 2021Exec Administrator - General$38,254
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$9,146
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$7,071
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$10,433
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$8,580
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$21,975
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$8,990
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$39,210
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$6,554
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$8,657
August 18th, 2021Executive Council$9,793
August 18th, 2021MEC Chairman$39,197
August 18th, 2021MEC Meetings$10,654
August 18th, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$39,025
August 18th, 2021Exec Administrator - General$10,711
August 25th, 2021Executive Council$10,233
August 25th, 2021Executive Board$6,848
August 25th, 2021MEC Chairman$39,197
August 25th, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$39,025
August 25th, 2021Exec Administrator - General$38,254
September 17th, 2021MEC Meetings$11,738
September 17th, 2021MEC Chairman$39,197
September 17th, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$39,025
September 17th, 2021Exec Administrator - General$38,254
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$12,696
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$9,241
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$25,672
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$11,629
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$6,886
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$7,335
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$9,181
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$9,984
October 6th, 2021Cargo Committee$12,455
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$7,335
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$7,937
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$9,179
October 6th, 2021Executive Council$7,651
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$10,755
October 6th, 2021MEC Chairman$39,197
October 6th, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$39,025
October 6th, 2021Exec Administrator - General$38,254
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$8,786
October 6th, 2021MEC Meetings$38,343
October 27th, 2021MEC Chairman$39,197
October 27th, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$39,025
October 27th, 2021Exec Administrator - General$38,254
December 15th, 2021Leadership Conference$11,674
December 15th, 2021Leadership Conference$6,063
December 15th, 2021Executive Council$6,063
December 15th, 2021MEC Chairman$39,197
December 15th, 2021MEC Vice Chairman$39,025
December 15th, 2021Exec Administrator - General$38,254

Source: LM forms filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards. This information is a public record, which can also be found on, which is a government-run website.