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Seafarers (SIUNA)

Locals and other Affiliated Groups

UnionUnit NameLocationMembers
Seafarers District Atlantic Gulf Lakes & Inland WatersCamp Springs, MD8,361
Seafarers Local Entertainment & Allied Trades UnionCamp Springs, MD1,536
Seafarers Local 1Industrial, Prof & Tech WorkersDowney, CA1,463
Seafarers Local Sailors' Union Of The PacificSan Francisco, CA1,031
Seafarers Local Industrial Prof & Technical WkrsDowney, CA595
Seafarers Local 2Industrial, Prof & Tech WorkersDowney, CA595
Seafarers Local Puerto Rico Caribbean & Latin AmerSan Juan, PR562
Seafarers Local Marine Firemen's UnionSan Francisco, CA528
Seafarers Local Seafarers Maritime UnionCamp Springs, MD15
Seafarers Local 1Sugar Workers UnionCrockett, CA0
Seafarers Local Marine Staff Officers Pacific DistWindsor, CA0
Seafarers Local Fishermen's Union Pacific & CaribWilmington, CA0
Seafarers Association Professional Security OfficersCamp Springs, MD0