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Musicians, Local 148

Contracts - Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

Georgia Symphony Orchestra
Kennesaw, GA
AFM Local 14816January 11th, 2012
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Atlanta, GA
AFM Local 14895January 10th, 2012
Atlanta Ballet
Atlanta, GA
AFM Local 14848January 10th, 2012
Theater of the Stars Inc
Atlanta, GA
AFM Local 14830November 21st, 2011
Alliance Theater Inc.
Atlanta, GA
AFM Local 14826February 2nd, 2011
Atlanta Opera Inc.
Atlanta, GA
AFM Local 14850February 2nd, 2011
Macon Symphony Orchestra
Macon, GA
AFM Local 14836February 2nd, 2011
Gainesville Symphony Orchestra
Gainesville, GA
AFM Local 14870February 2nd, 2011