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University Professors (AAUP)


Salary Breakdown (2021)

  • Gross Salary: $255,322
  • Allowances: $0
  • Official Business: $5,308
  • Other Compensation: $0

Salary History

Year TitleGross SalaryTotal Compensation
2021EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR$255,322$260,630
2020EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR$250,032$254,838
2019EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR$245,730$252,185
2018EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR$241,420$251,783
2017EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR$239,898$249,460
2016EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR$214,405$223,463
2015EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR$202,245$214,809
2014EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR$195,000$200,240
2013EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR$48,750$59,280
2008ASSOCIATE SECRETARY$45,736$46,441
2007ASSOCIATE SECRETARY$74,448$75,592
2006ASSOCIATE SECRETARY$56,239$57,209
2005ASSOCIATE SECRETARY$62,351$64,487
2004NAT'L FIELD REP$60,692$74,132
2003NAT'L FIELD REP$53,165$67,093

Source: LM forms filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards. This information is a public record, which can also be found on the Department of Labor's website: