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Locomotive Engineers (BLE)


Salary Breakdown (2019)

  • Gross Salary: $182,670
  • Allowances: $22,288
  • Official Business: $71,998
  • Other Compensation: $0

Salary History

Year TitleGross SalaryTotal Compensation
2019VICE PRESIDENT$182,670$276,956
2018VICE PRESIDENT$183,428$278,630
2017VICE PRESIDENT$169,088$270,111
2014VICE PRESIDENT$161,659$206,114
2013VICE PRESIDENT$156,586$194,002
2012VICE PRESIDENT$158,171$206,280
2011VICE PRESIDENT$143,295$195,417
2010VICE PRESIDENT$143,295$193,815
2009VICE PRESIDENT$140,141$183,521
2008VICE PRESIDENT$134,328$175,445
2007VICE PRESIDENT$132,277$185,609
2006VICE PRESIDENT$65,822$91,999
2006ASST DIR OF ARBITRATION$41,286$50,059
2005ASST DIR OF ARBITRATION$81,844$88,670
2004ASST DIR ARBITRA$80,152$91,707
2003ASST DIR OF ARBI$77,260$85,178
2002ASST DIR OF ARB$76,118$84,504

Source: LM forms filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards. This information is a public record, which can also be found on the Department of Labor's website: