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Contracts - Transportation and Warehousing

National Express - Arlington Rapid Transit (ART Bus)
Arlington, VA
AFSCME Local 0September 7th, 2016
First Student
Warren, RI
AFSCME Local 53June 9th, 2016
Fisher Bus Service
Hamburg, NY
AFSCME Local 35May 2nd, 2016
First Student Inc
Philadelphia, NY
AFSCME Local 130April 4th, 2016
Student Transportation of America (Atoona Student Transportation)
Collegeville, PA
AFSCME Local 130March 8th, 2016
First Student Inc
Cincinnati, OH
AFSCME Local 155December 9th, 2015
Rover Community Transportation
Downingtown, PA
AFSCME Local 132August 31st, 2015
Blue Water Transportation
Port Huron, MI
AFSCME Local 60January 30th, 2015
First Transit Inc.
Woodbridge, VA
AFSCME Local 20March 31st, 2014
First Student Inc. (Ryder Bus Drivers/Aides)
Cincinnati, OH
AFSCME Local 25March 10th, 2014
First Student Inc. - Miami Valley Location
Dayton, OH
AFSCME Local 43October 15th, 2012
Forsythe Transportation
Arlington, VA
AFSCME Local 300180June 20th, 2012
Petermann Bus Company
Cincinnati, OH
AFSCME Local 475May 14th, 2012
Durham School Services
Warrenville, IL
AFSCME Local 3826478July 26th, 2011
First Transit ( Omni Ride\Omni Link)
Woodbridge, VA
AFSCME Local 3001135April 4th, 2011
First Student Inc
Park City, IL
AFSCME Local 1115154April 1st, 2011
Student Transportation of America
Punxsutawney, PA
AFSCME Local 691100March 14th, 2011
First Student Inc
Park City, IL
AFSCME Local 310March 8th, 2011
First Student Bus Co.
Erie, PA
AFSCME Local 3959140January 25th, 2011
Veolia Water North America Northeast LLC
Wilmington, DE
AFSCME Local 191525October 1st, 2010
Forsythe Transportation
Cave Creek, AZ
AFSCME Local 75March 9th, 2010