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Contracts - Personal Serv & Private Organizations

The Whitestone Group Inc.
Columbus, OH
UGSOA Local 80June 15th, 2015
CEO Corrections and Detention LLC
Adelanto, CA
UGSOA Local 150August 20th, 2014
Inter-con Security Systems, Inc
Pasadena, CA, CA
UGSOA Local 26August 18th, 2014
C & D Security
Colorado Springs, CO
UGSOA Local 200April 24th, 2014
Paragon Systems Inc.
Herndon, VA
UGSOA Local 75January 13th, 2014
Paragon Systems Inc.
Herndon, VA
UGSOA Local 70August 15th, 2012
Paragon Systems Inc.
Southfield, MI
UGSOA Local 33045July 27th, 2012
White Stone Security
Columbus, OH
UGSOA Local 23515October 26th, 2011
Artesia, NM
UGSOA Local 23519October 26th, 2011
Security Consultants Group Inc (SCG)
Oak Ridge, TN
UGSOA Local 293179May 16th, 2011