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Contracts - Not Applicable

U.S. Coast Guard DHS
Norfolk, VA
AFGE Local Council 1202600November 30th, 2009
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Atlanta, GA
AFGE Local 28831500March 24th, 2009
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Los Angeles, CA
AFGE Local 403834000January 14th, 2008
FCI - Waseca
Waseca, MN
AFGE Local 801 Dist 8 Coun150October 11th, 2007
Los Angeles MEPS
Sacramento, CA
AFGE Local 242950June 29th, 2007
Cincinnati, OH
AFGE Local 3840300June 29th, 2007
Department of Veteran Affairs
Detroit, MI
AFGE Local 9331200August 31st, 2006
DOJ-Bureau of Prison
Anthony, NM
AFGE Local 838July 27th, 2006
Columbus, MS
AFGE Local 1296288July 7th, 2006