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Air Line Pilots

Receipts for: United Air Lines

  • Type: Air Transportation - Scheduled
  • Location: PO BOX 301707
    DALLAS, TX 75303
  • Total Received from Air Line Pilots: $592,389.00

Itemized Disbursements

The Department of Labor requires unions to itemize any payment over $5,000.

January 4th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$8,996
January 4th, 2019Aviation Safety Action Program$5,924
January 4th, 2019Aviation Safety Action Program$6,913
January 4th, 2019Conferences$6,095
January 4th, 2019Pilot Cert & Qual$5,403
January 9th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$6,747
January 9th, 2019Industry/Government Activities$7,574
January 9th, 2019Air Carrier Training ARC$5,403
January 9th, 2019Strategic Planning Committee$6,747
January 9th, 2019Industry/Government Activities$5,681
January 9th, 2019Industry/Government Activities$9,468
February 8th, 2019Conferences$7,926
March 15th, 2019Strategic Planning Committee$8,901
March 15th, 2019Communicating for Safety$5,680
March 15th, 2019Industry/Government Activities$5,680
March 27th, 2019Air Carrier Training ARC$5,404
March 27th, 2019UAV/RPA - Unmanned Aerial Veh$7,388
March 27th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$8,996
March 27th, 2019Low Speed Alerting ARAC$7,086
May 31st, 2019UAV/RPA - Unmanned Aerial Veh$6,397
May 31st, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$7,024
June 19th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$9,366
June 19th, 2019Approved Training Programs$7,024
June 19th, 2019Industry/Government Activities$7,886
June 19th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$6,397
August 28th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$7,024
August 28th, 2019ATC Operations / Programs$5,627
September 13th, 2019UAV/RPA - Unmanned Aerial Veh$5,084
September 13th, 2019Industry/Government Activities$5,916
October 2nd, 2019Low Speed Alerting ARAC$5,915
October 4th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$7,024
October 4th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$9,366
October 4th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$6,397
October 4th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$7,997
October 4th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$6,397
October 4th, 2019Legislative Summit$5,337
November 26th, 2019ATC Operations / Programs$5,561
November 26th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$11,707
November 26th, 2019Approved Training Programs$11,707
November 26th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$6,397
November 26th, 2019ALPA Training Council$8,779
November 26th, 2019MEC Legislative Committee$6,397
November 26th, 2019Perform Based Nav Dev and Imp$9,268
November 26th, 2019Industry/Government Activities$7,887
December 5th, 2019Wildlife Hazards$7,503

Source: LM forms filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards. This information is a public record, which can also be found on, which is a government-run website.